1. I'm never going to leave you stranded.   If your car breaks down and is in the shop, I'm gonna have a rig for you to come out of the water with and I have several boat trailers that you may need.  With me the shuttle ends when you get home safe and sound in a reliable vehicle. 

2. If we mess up, we make it right.  I would expect no less for myself.   Integrity is a word that can be thrown around, anyone can say they have it, with me, proof's in the pudding as they as say, and my reputation is very good.  I want it to stay that way and will do whatever it takes to keep my reputation in tact.

3. White Bird, ID is a town of 150 people.  Outside of ranching and farming, there is zero industry here.  This business is not a hobby or a side business.  This business is a blessing to the 40 quality drivers that have been hand chosen for their skills and morals.  Your business is crucial to us and our livelihood depends on it, and our future.  We want your return business, and that is ever present on our minds. 

4. I don't hire teenagers or young folks that don't have solid driving experiences. I also stay away from the the really old folks too, no offense to these age groups, but I want the best.  The competition boasts about using high school kids, I don't know about you, but I would not want my vehicle driven by kids with very little experience driving on these river roads.

5. There has never been a report of theft on my watch.  I've seen vehicles with wads of cash, ipods, cameras, all kinds of cool stuff just laying out...We will place them in a safe location and write you a note about it.  We are looking out for you!!

6. We'll take your trash out, we'll fill you up with gas, heck if you asked us, we would even wash your vehicles for you.  We are determined to keep you happy so that you come back.

7. Repeat customers get a discount if they show me their green key fob.  If you don't see me and I get your key, I will see the green key fob and give you a 5.00 discount.   It would be very much appreciated if you tipped your driver, this is a question I get a lot.  I can however tell you that even if you do not tip,  your vehicle will be treated with respect and our drivers are very grateful and happy to shuttle regardless.  It is just a nice gesture to show appreciation and a service that so many river folk appreciate!  If you want to figure a rate, the waiter/waitress rate is usually the formula.

ALL Rivers Shuttle

DOT Number: 1505235

MC Number : 489880


When we thought about the name for this service several years ago, All Rivers seemed to make sense as we shuttle

all the rivers in Central Idaho.


We used to own the White Bird Motel, and many of you knew Carveth and Eli & Mary before that. Im right down the road from the motel.


In 2008, the motel was sold and I retained the shuttle service. It has made it easier to focus on your river shuttles for the lower Salmon, Main Salmon and Middle Fork Rivers.


I can assure you with 100% confidence that there is no better person to handle your shuttle.  I have no other side job to deter me from my focus., My concentration is 100% focused on delivering your vehicles.