Put In:       Hammer Creek

Take Outs: Pine Bar/American Bar/Heller Bar


Shuttle Length: 120 miles              River Length: 73 Miles    


Permit Season: Non permitted


This stretch of the Salmon River is called The Lower Salmon Gorge.  Hammer Creek to Heller Bar is the typical run.It is a free flowing river full of big pools and drops.  With canyon desert topography and white sand beaches, it is class 3 and 4.

At high water, 20,000 cfs, Slide rapid makes the river unfloatable with non commercial boats.


Pine Bar is an option, located 12 miles downstream from Hammer Creek. There is a primitive ramp there.  American Bar is 7 miles further with no ramp, but access to the river if you have 4 wheel drive.  Eagle Creek is also an option, but no ramp and the road into Eagle Creek is often closed.  It is not really a road, more of a path, and it is not maintained.  If you decide to self shuttle on this road, please make sure you have good spare tires.  Expect to drive about 2-3 mph on this path.  Also know that your vehicles will definately get scratched up. 


Please call me toll free at 800-785-7198 to discuss the many options there are to get your float miles in.  There are various launch sites upstream from Hammer Creek.


Please be mindful of the speed in Asotin.  It is 35 mph out of Heller Bar, and 25 mph in Asotin. 



SCAT Machine located in Asotin.


I sell Washington Discover Passes and the invasive species sticker, river gear, river guides and complimentary river notes. Also a variety of general goods for your trip.  One stop shuttle.  We have wifi and you can use our phone as there is no cell service is White Bird.


Hammer to Heller: 150.00 , add 5.00 for trailers.  Add 5.00 for credit cards.


Pine Bar/American Bar - Heller Bar Price: 170.00 -


A Washington Discover Pass is  required at Heller Bar.  It would be helpful if you got your pass ahead of time.  If you have a fishing license from Washington state, you should have a vehicle pass.

How Easy Is This??



1. Fill out the secure online



2. Drop off keys on the way

    to the put in, pick up the

Invasive Species Sticker, WA

Discover Pass, River guides,



3. Head to the put in at Hammer Creek, which is 3 miles away from us.


Need to Rent a boat or trailer??


Give us a call at 800-785-7198 to arrange this for you.


 There is no cell service in White Bird.  Please feel free

to use our wi fi, computer or phone free of charge of course!


Get a discount for repeat floats in the same season.

Must Fill out online form

Must be the owner of vehicle



Guides I recommend for the Lower Salmon - 35 years experience - WAPITI RIVER GUIDES - 208-628-3523