Put In:       Corn Creek

Take Outs: Vinegar/Carey/Spring Bar/Shorts Bar/Riggins/Lucile/Slate Creek/Hammer Creek 

Shuttle Length: 380 miles              River Length: 82 Miles    

Permit Season: June 20th - September 7

When we get your vehicles from the put in, we immediately check to make sure the vehicle and trailer is road worthy.  The 40 miles it takes to get to the US 93 north is rough and rocky.  Often a trailer with weight is a different animal than when it's light.  Some bounce like rubber balls even at slow speeds.  If there is a problem with your bearings or tires, there are several places along the way that can fix what you need.  Often times, there is no charge to you to fix it, but if there is, you pay that with no additional mark up. Please no doughnut spares. If you have AWD, and you have a doughnut spare this would mean that we would have to get it towed to the Les Schwab tire center and have 4 tires replaced. This is a standard policy with Les Schwab and All Rivers as a used or new tire with different wear would compromise your sensors and can run into the thousands of dollars to fix. Please have great tires as this run translates into about 4 hours of dirt roads, washboards rocks, serious potholes and everything you would expect gnarly dirt roads to be.

Vinegar or Carey Creek??

I suggest Carey Creek, because the ramp is new, better parking and you'll miss that fun little rapid at Vinegar (only at lower levels).  The ideal take out is Spring Bar - it's 12 miles downriver from Carey but

it will save you from driving through rough, rocky, pothole filled road. At this time there is road construction for Manning Bridge construction.



SCAT Machine located in Riggins at Pitts Chevron.


Price for this run (Corn - Vinegar/Carey) is 395.00 plus 100 for fuel. From Corn Creek to Spring Bar is 375.00   Call us first to see if there is availability. 800-785-7198.


Buses and RV's, vehicles with overszized camp trailers are 425.00 plus 150 for fuel.









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