Put In:        Vinegar Creek/Carey Creek

Take Outs: Riggins/Hammer/Pine


Shuttle Length: 59 miles approx.

Permit Season: Non Permit


River Miles:


Vinegar to Riggins is 25 miles.

Riggins to Hammer Creek is 34 miles.


Since there are various options for putting in and taking out, I suggest you call me to

yak about how long you have and camping, etc. 




Vinegar to Riggins: 100

Vinegar to Lucile or Hammer: 110

Vinegar to Pine or American Bar: 175

Vinegar to Heller Bar : 240.00


Vinegar to Eagle Creek - CALL






SCAT Machine located in Riggins.


All Rivers Shuttle service has built a name for itself through hard work and dedication.




Cable Car Hot Springs is on this stretch of river. just past French Creek is a wideout it's a mile uphill hike  there is a mine shaft full of hot water and a small log shed with a 
hollowed out pine treee full of hot water, it's really a wooden tub 
fed by pipe with hot water, two or 3 in the tub is pretty  comfortable

Some folks call this French Creek Hot Springs as well.


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