Terms of Agreement

I accept the terms of Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk & Waiver of Liability as stated below by accepting the option on online form.

I have a full tank of gas or near full and/or have left instruction and money or asked to be invoiced for a full tank of gas.  I have checked my fluids, (oil, transmission, water) and my vehicle is in good driving conditions for the roads that will be traveled to the take out.  I have started my vehicle and driven it for more than a minute with my spare key if it is a spare key that was made at a place other than the dealership.  I will disable the alarm or give good directions on how to disable the alarm.  I will remove all open containers of alcohol or other illegal items so that the driver of my vehicle will not be charged in case the vehicle is inspected by a law officer.  In case my vehicle becomes inoperable, unsafe, or unlawful for any reason (including but not limited to:  engine or mechanical failure, security issues, ignition or gas cap key problem, no spare tires, unsafe trailer, illegal transport of vehicles with another vehicle on it, or any situation in which the driver is not safe to operate the vehicle, I authorize All Rivers Shuttle to exercise the option on my behalf that is stated by me on the form and will execute my directions that I have provided.

I understand that the the roads driven may be rough and poorly maintained and I will not hold All Rivers Shuttle responsible for the damage done to the vehicle while en route or parked.  Permission is hereby granted to drive the vehicle above and it is covered by public liability and property damage insurance that will cover the vehicle and shuttle driver.  The vehicle has at least 100.00 deductible collision and comprehensive insurance.  If it does not, I understand that I am liable for charge resulting form any deficiency in coverage.

The company All Rivers Shuttle, solicits cars for the drivers that are contracted to the service.

The requirements for the company is limited to furnishing information from the owner and the vehicle information for the owner of the vehicle. The company will furnish legal and experienced drivers for the vehicle. The company is not responsible for any negligence or damage to the vehicle. The driver is responsible for any damages and negligence if found up to the amount of the deductible. When you sign up your vehicle for a shuttle, you are agreeing that your insurance will cover our driver while driving your vehicle.

We will not shuttle vehicles that have doughnut spares on the Main Salmon, Middle Fork and Selway Rivers.  If you leave me with bald tires on your vehicle, I will purchase new or used tires to complete the trip and charge your card, as you may take that risk, but I will not allow my drivers to shuttle hundreds of miles on unsafe bald tires. 

This is the company policy and I take safety very seriously. Thank you, The Management.


Please email us at allrivers@frontier.com if you want to cancel or call us at 1-800-785-7198


There is no cancellation fee if you notify us within 24 hours on the Middle Fork, Main and Selway


For the Lower Salmon or Snake, please just let me know, as I am right in town.  Leaving a note at in a car at put in is not very courteous, so please

come by the office or email me to officially cancel your shuttle.



Trailers with cars on them are considered a HAZMAT issue.

as the gas in your tank is considered hazardous.


Because of this, I can no longer shuttle trailers with cars on them.  I apologize, but the fines are huge!




I, the undersigned vehicle owner/agent or authorized user of vehicle, am aware that an agent or

employee of All Rivers Shuttles will be driving the vehicle from the specified drop off point to a

specified destination (“shuttling”). I am aware and acknowledge that the roads in the area may be rough and

poorly maintained and the roads may include danger beyond the control of the drivers. I acknowledge

and accept that shuttling includes the following non-exhaustive list of risks and dangers to the

vehicle: vehicle damage from hitting wild game, driving on rough roads, being hit by falling

debris and possible chips to windshields. I understand that these risks arise from the areas

mountainous roads. I understand that these dangers are from natural obstacles rather than driver error.


I voluntarily accept full responsibility for any loss, property damage, and all other damages that

may be sustained by the vehicle, including without limitation loss or damage to property such as vehicle repairs of any kind.


In consideration of All Rivers Shuttles shuttling, I voluntarily consent to and accept all risks

associated with participation. I agree to forever indemnify, defend, save, hold harmless,

discharge and release All Rivers Shuttles and their agents and employees (“Releasees”) from any and

all liability, claims, causes of action or demands of any kind and nature whatsoever, including

attorneys fees incurred by Releasees, that may arise from Releasees’ negligent conduct or from

my own negligent or intentional conduct in connection with the vehicle to be shuttled.

It is my express intent that this Acknowledgment of Risk and Waiver of Liability shall serve as a

release, discharge and acceptance of risk for my heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assigns and

all members of the vehicle owner’s family.


The venue of any dispute that may arise out of the vehicle being shuttled, if All Rivers Shuttles is a

party to the dispute, shall be in Idaho County, Idaho.


Note: If participant is under 18 years of age, a parent/legal guardian who is also owner of the

vehicle must also sign and comply with the terms of this Acknowledgment of Risk and Waiver of Liability.